Building a Pizza Oven: Covered in Mud

The front of my oven just got dolled up with a big piece of plate steel. I figured, anything that had already been involved in that much fire and heat would fit right in. Not enough action in the above static image? Watch the video here.

Next up is stucco mud. Two eighty pound bags worth (and that’s not counting the water I added to it). The best thing about putting it on is it covers up the screen that sliced me to ribbons.

Now we are getting somewhere! It’s starting to look like an oven.

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3 replies on “Building a Pizza Oven: Covered in Mud”

  1. Love the website. Like the man with the torch, the goggles, the levis, the upscale shoes, and the leather gloves. Saw that and I wanted to howl like a wolf. However, can’t see having this pizza oven in my yard. Already have the Big Green Egg out there. The little woman would not go for it. I need a bigger yard.

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