KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)

I have been working on this recipe for a while. It started out simple, then expanded to a three day odyssey and now has returned to it’s rightful place: 30 minute meal. It gets eaten fast, so why not make it fast?

The brine, the pre-dredge, the fridge dry: all out the window. Chicken straight out of the cellophane into a dredge of wheat flour, rice flour, baking powder and S&P. Shake off the excess and lets go for a dip! Isn’t that what everyone says before they go for a swim?

Rice oil at 325F until chicken gets to 175 internal temp. Pull it, rest it. Heat the oil up to a GBD temp of 375F (Golden Brown Delicious). First fry cooks the chicken, second fry sets the crust.

I never used to wash my rice. I was wrong. I do now. It doesn’t clump as much when you wash the grains a few times under running water before cooking. I now also ignore the cook time on the instructions. My rice in the past has been mushy, so I started backing off the amount of water in the recipe and the cook time. Currently, my ratio is one-to-one rice to water. Ten minutes and it’s done. I should probably break down and buy one of those rice cookers everyone is talking about, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.