Non-Stick Rice Noodles

More noodle work. Most recipes want you to oil the tray you are using to make the noodles or oil the noodles after they are cut into strips. You know what that gets you? Oily noodles. Floating the noodle tray on a water bath has been producing very even noodles. Todays test was to chill […]

Karaage with Sweet Spicy Pepper Sauce

Brined and fried chicken thighs with a Japanese dipping sauce. The new Austin normal for fried chicken. The fibrous base: garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes I could stare into it’s eyes forever. Soy, Apple Cider Vin, Sesame Oil, honey My chicken recipe has been getting more and more complicated: brine for 24, dry, bread, dry […]