Checklist for an appropriate appetizer: 1.Size should be one to two bites (max) 2.Shouldn’t be something that crumbles or breaks apart (messes up clothes) 3.Shouldn’t be too greasy (messes up clothes) 4.Best if it can be picked up with a paper napkin (no knife or fork needed). Toasted baguette with goat cheese and red onion, […]

Surprise of the Week

This Spinach Quinoa that my wife made was surprise of the week. I have to admit that I had never had quinoa before (barely know what it was). Like most grains (seeds), they take well to ramping up their flavors. Using stock instead of water, adding in other vegetables (spinach here) and the liberal use […]

Leeked Pappardelle

This was fun to make. Hand cut Pappardelle pasta with leeks, Prosciutto and a dried mushroom/breadcrumb topping. Smelled great, tasted great. Crunchy, savory, earthy, rich, slurpy. It’s a party on a plate. Cooked down leeks with white wine and chicken stock. The whole house smelled great. Who ever created leeks was a genius.

Jumbo Post, With Fire

Fired up the grill for a little Rosemary Pork loin. There is a reduced cream and mushroom sauce and a side of Spinach Quinoa. Once again, B&B Charcoal is a welcome addition to this party. Central Market sells it locally. The main event: trussed rosemary and pork. Pretty simple. When your neighbor who has a […]


They should call it BLTMB. Only two more ingredients: mayo and bread. You think they could fit it in. It’s like saying ’09. We wouldn’t wouldn’t want it to turn into a Y2K type problem: “… ya know, if they would have just taken the time to put the M and the B on the […]