Memorial Day Grill

Memorial day is about grilling. It’s the one thing that stands between us and the savages. Our ability to flame broil boutique local charcuterie and wash it down with barley and hops is our god given right. Let me introduce the players: Dai Due Boudin Blanc (meat magic), caramelized yellow onions (the sweetness), grilled yellow squash and red bell peppers (the tart and crunch). It’s like magic (and I don’t even use a rabbit).

Reason #28 Not to Wear Italian Shoes While Grilling

John Wayne once said, “they can take my grill when they pry it from my cold, dead, western wear clad hands”. John Wayne was a brave man with a keen style sense. But, he probably would have taken issue with my grilling attire. I grilled two different cuts of beef, tenderloin and sirloin flap. My lady friend is a fan of the softer cuts and I like the beefier flavor of sirloin. The meal ended up being His and Hers fajitas.
I was secretly attacked by a terrorist lump of coal while grilling. Sneaky bastard. Cooking is a dangerous game, my friend. Will that stop me? No. Will I abandon grilling? No. Was I happy that I was wearing shoes at all? Absolutely.

New York In Austin

The old, gray lady shimmied her way down to Austin and took a look around. And, I must say, she pretty much hit the nail on the head. Food visits included the Salt Lick (standard operating procedure for out of town guests), the food trailers in South Austin (everybody needs a little 78704) and Justine’s (representing on the East Side). What?! No love for SoBur? You know, Top Notch isn’t going to be open for ever.