Deep Freeze

Sometimes making food from scratch is a pain. Other times it’s a song. Case in point: spaghetti and meatballs. I won’t lie to you, making your own meatballs, sauce and pasta takes time. It’s not quick. But, all three keep well. I have about fifty meatballs in my freezer right now (go ahead, check) and […]

Frozen Roads

If you happen to have your windows open right now, I recommend you close them. It is going to be, like, -700 degrees tonight. I don’t even think the pizza delivery guy will be able to make it to your house. Hopefully, you have a well stocked fridge. As you can see from the above […]

Al Pastor

They should give a medal to whom ever came up with Taco’s Al Pastor. They are my favorite tacos. Two places in town do a great job making them: Guero’s and Fonda San Miguel. Just a few simple ingredients, each standing on their own. I also made tortillas. This is not as simple as it […]

Big Red and Soft Stuff

Making your own red sauce is easy. Make a ton, then freeze it. For the base, use canned tomatoes from Italy. Pass it through a food mill to get the seeds and skins out. My two favorite flavoring agents are red wine and oregano. At the end of the day, I try to have them […]